Dead Island: Zombie updates with Pre-Order Edition

As the old saying goes, early birds get the worm. Well, that also applies to gamers. How come? Simple – pre-order a game and you will get a special windfall. And as for those who are planning to pre-order the Dead Island: Zombie, you’ll be surely be enticed for Deep Silver is going to give you a Bloodbath Arena (DLC pack) and an ‘exclusive’ Ripper weapon.

Seems to tempting, right? It really is. But what’s more interesting to know is the fact that the game’s BloodBath Arena will be packed with a horde of zombies that would get you damaged as possible. Aside from this, the DLC pack will also consist of four areas that you can use on single-player and multiplayer modes.

On the other hand, the “Ripper” is a weapon that you will surely crave to have. A combo of a buzz saw and a baseball bat, the exclusive weapon will surely take down those zombies as it will leave them tattered and bleeding in combat.

So if you want to get those bonuses, better get the game before its official launch. The game will be made available to Xbox 360, PC and Playstation 3.

As for those who are interested, Deep Silver’s Dead Island: Zombie will officially hit the stores this August 1.


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