'Duke Nukem Forever' game attacked for allowing players to slap scantily-clad women

"Duke Nukem Forever” which hit the stores on Tuesday, after a long wait of 14 years; has rubbed women’s rights groups in a wrong way. Women’s groups are furious that the game allows players to slap scantily-clad women if they don’t cooperate.

Created by Plano-based Gearbox Software, the first-person shooter game’s aim is to rescue women from aliens; the game is rated "mature" and it’s intended for adults, defended Steve Gibson, a Gearbox spokesman; Hence timely slaps here and there can be tolerated. This is how adults behave all the time in real world! Don’t they? The spokesperson seems to suggest.

The fact that the game allows players to slap women from behind, as if they are being steered like cattle, as they’re being rescued from aliens; has made women’s groups extremely rattled.

Although, other games, like the "Grand Theft Auto" series, have been seen resorting to such violent behavior as well; the critics find "Duke Nukem Forever" taking the ill-treatment to a whole new level. They want the game to be banned immediately. Watch the video below:

For now, the game is going to stay; and is up for grabs at $60 for Xbox360 and Playstation 3 and $50 for the PC version. --------

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