Facebook Demographics India 2011

Facebook Demographics India 2011, will be useful to any social marketer OR an inquisitive guy; for one simple reason -- Facebook which started gaining momentum in India in 2010, is now the fastest growing, biggest social network in India. Facebook which added around 1.9Mn or 19 lakh users in India in the past one month, has reached 28.5Mn or 2.85 crore users in the country; which is approximately2.4% of India’s population and 35% of total online population of India.

Based on the number of Facebook users in India at present; India stands at number 5 in terms total user base for Facebook, after US, Indonesia, UK and Turkey. With the current growth rate India, would surpass UK and Turkey, and reach number three position, in a couple of weeks.

Coming back to Facebook demographics (all Facebook users in India grouped on the basis of their ages) the demography of Indian Facebook users very much reflects the demographics for web users overall. Gender distribution shows that about 29% of all Facebook users in India are female.

Demography of Facebook users in India [source socialbakers.com]:

Age Group_____________Percentage of users

13-15_____________5 percent
16-17_____________7 percent
18-24_____________47 percent
25-34_____________29 percent
35-44_____________8 percent
45-54_____________3 percent
55-64_____________1 percent
65 and above_____________1 percent

The above Facebook demographics show that the Facebook users in 18-24 yrs of age and 25-34 yrs are dominant at the network. --------

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