Facebook Marketing Tips That Will Help Boost Your Business

Most of us know that Facebook is the world’s most popular social network. In fact, it has an average of 600 million active users from all over the world. Thus, its market potential has already been proven by a lot of successful business owners.

And speaking of which, here are some useful Facebook Marketing Tips that will help boost your business:

Tip #1: Improve Your Facebook Presence – You may do this by creating your own Facebook profile or putting up a Facebook Page for your Business. You should also remember to add friends that share the same interest and send them a greeting, a wall post or a simple message.

Tip #2: Always Keep a Fresh Content – It’s a fact that most users prefer to read the latest updates and the freshest content. Avoid keeping your profile dull and spark it up with your latest status updates. Add photos of your newest products and put a direct link to your product page.

Tip #3: Create an Attractive Landing Page – A lot of successful business pages have their own unique landing page. This single page is a very powerful tool to attract first-time users to subscribe to your page. Make your landing page as unique as possible and avoid using colors that are too flashy.

Tip #4: Link Your Facebook Page to Twitter – Many internet marketers have already linked their Facebook Pages to Twitter. And just like them, you can also do this through a wide range of techniques and systems. You may use ‘Selective Tweets’ or simply install the official Twitter app.

Tip #5: Link Your Facebook Page to your Site’s RSS – Linking your page to your site’s RSS saves a lot of time and lessens the hassle. You can do this by setting up a free account at RSS Graffiti or Social RSS.

Tip #6: Tag your Facebook Friends – A very basic tip yet very effective. Through tagging, you can easily capture the attention of a potential buyer or client. But be sure to use this method wisely if you don’t want to be blocked by your Facebook friend.

Tip #7: Organize an Event or Contest – Creativity speaks. Brighten up your page through starting a unique event. If you’re selling online marketing eBooks, then you can organize a live seminar that will teach them the basic ways to earn in the internet.

Tip #8: Make Use of Incentives and Bonuses – Reward your loyal fans and subscribers with something different. Appreciate their loyalty through giving them some exclusive incentives and bonuses. You can send your fans a free copy of your latest newsletter. You can also send a freebie or token.

Without a doubt, Facebook is a great marketing tool that could help you increase your sales. Just don’t give up if you don’t notice any progress. Remember that success will test your patience. Instead, look back and check if you have correctly done your methods or if you have missed some steps.

Improve the things that you need to improve and you don’t need to worry because those Facebook marketing tips that were stated above will definitely guide you through.

[Written By kent, published by A Bisht] --------

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