Facebook Teen Disliked for Posting Abusive Puppy Photos!

Jerzon Senador, a teen Facebook user in the Philippines has recently been accused of animal cruelty from posting a photo of a wet puppy that has been hanged on a clothesline pinned with clips on its fur.

The said photo has been posted by the teen last Sunday (June 12) and has received a great number of “dislikes”. Apart from this, a couple of Facebook users have also stated their negative comments on the said photo.

On the other hand, Senador has recently posted his apologies to the Facebook community stating that hurting the puppy was never his intention. The teen has also stated that he just took a quick snap and has quickly removed the pup after he took the photo.

The teen now faces a Facebook Page petition against animal cruelty, of which, has currently been liked by over 3,500 of users from all across the globe.


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