Google +1 button launched for entire web

After launching its “+1″ button at the end of March and testing it out in its search results; today, Google announced the +1 Button for the entire web.

Effectively Google’s version of the Facebook ‘Like’ button; brace yourself to see Google +1 button appear on sites across the Internet. Big blogs like: The Huffington Post, Mashable, Tech Crunch, Reuters, and Bloomberg have already signed a deal with Google to show Google’s +1 button.

+1 buttons on other Google properties such as Android Market, Blogger, Product Search and YouTube will show up soon.

How Google’s +1 button works:

Just like the Facebook “Like” button, but having the enormous backing of Google's Search.

Google’s +1 also lets users recommend articles, products, services, anything on web, with just one click; so that the next time people in your social networks search, they will see your +1’s in their search results.

If you want Google’s +1 button show in your search results, just visit Google Experiments page, and join the experiment. You will soon start seeing +1 recommendation in your search results.

If you are a web site owner or a blogger, you can have a +1 button for your webite/blog too. Here is how to get a +1 button for your website or blog.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get +1 recommendations in your search results or have Google +1 Button on your website/blog; after all Google is still another word for omnipresence on web. The button is Google’s way of bringing action back to search. --------

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