Google buys Social Analytics Vendor PostRank to fulfill its social goals

The world is aware that Google wants to cover up the lost social ground with some big strides; hence the news of search giant buying a social analytics vendor PostRank, was not that surprising.

PostRank is a company whose hosted software assesses a user’s engagement with topics, brands, authors and content on social media sites. Advertisers and publishers use PostRank’s analytics data to measure the popularity of their content and the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

The buy goes in line with Google, as it earns through advertising; and offering analytics tools to customers (businesses) at platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, forums etc.) where most Web users discuss about brands and content; is vital for its business.

Look forward to how, PostRank, which develops products that monitor and collect social media data important to advertisers and publishers; enriches Google Analytics, Google’s Analytics product. --------

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