Heard of revolutionary ASTRAC or Thiruvananthapuram battery?

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM? It’s the capital of the southernmost state of India.

An innovative new age smart batteries called ‘Advanced Segmented Technology based RAndomly replicated chargeable cells (ASTRAC) were launched by Certes Innovative Solutions (CIS), a Technopark, at Thiruvananthapuram this weekend.

ASTRAC is pegged as a technology which can make a huge impact on the automobile industry, inverters, UPSes, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Anything which is using a battery right now. OR a device which runs fo 5 hours right now, will run for 35 hours.

Launched here by Mervin Alexander, CEO of Technopark, India's first technogy park. – ASTRAC, created by effort of lat oe nand half years by CIS, is a rechargeable cell based on an innovative technology which is capable of increasing the energy efficiency up to 10 times. In other words, by consuming the same power of a 7 AH battery, the product can deliver the output equivalent to ten such batteries.

The product, developed as a part of CIS's environment friendly 'Green and Clean' initiative, will be produced commercially after gaining the patent for the technology. --------

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