How to disable Facebook Facial Recognition tool

Facebook Facial recognition tool is a Facebook feature which tries to recognize you in a photo uploaded in your friends network; either by you or someone else; on the basis of the past photos, where you already have been tagged. So, if three past Facebook photos in your Facebook network, have tagged your face; then Facebook will use the facial coordinates resourced from those three photographs to get a your rough facial coordinates; and apply those co-ordinates to check whether you appear in any future photo uploaded by your Facebook network. On getting the right match, Facebook will tag you in the photograph and inform your Friend network that a photograph having you in there has been uploaded.

With time more and more photographs will have you tagged and Facebook's rough Facebook recognition; will become more and and more accurate.

So does this worry you for privacy reasons? Do you want to disable Facebook Facial Recognition tool? Here is a video telling how to:


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