How to make a solar charging e-reader

Harnessing renewable energy to run any device, big or small, has its own satisfaction. If the technology used, applies the renewable power right onto the device and is free from glitches then this non-conventional arrangement frees the user from much effort too; especially when the device being run requires periodic charging.

People around the world are using e-readers in plenty; in fact before the advent of tablets or more specifically Apple’s iPad; e-readers were there to be held in hand just as tablets. Hence powering one’s e-reader with some green or clean energy will have an immense satisfaction for a user.

Flapke of instructables, has already embarked the path with Kobo e-reader. Flapke has shown just how to add some solar cells to your e-reader, so that you will never need to charge it again.

To accomplish this progression towards green all you need is: An e-reader (Flapke has used first gen Kobo, but says that the instructions can be applied to any other e-reader as well), Some solar panels, a Schottky diode (available at any shop that sells electronic spares), wires, a soldering iron, solder, a dremel and double sided tape. And last but not the least, tools and a knife – To take the e-reader apart and to cut its back cover to accommodate the solar cells. That's it. Just follow Flapke's instructions and transform your e-reader to charge via solar energy, just as he did.

If you are good with things electronics, or believe in Trial and error with all possible consequences. Here are the step by step instructions on how to make your solar charging e-reader. --------

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