How your kid can get a job at Microsoft?

The usual route for your kid to land an envious job at Microsoft or any other top tech company; is to study engineering from a reputed engineering college; followed by a masters at some Ivy League college. There’s another route as well. Encourage your kid’s tech curiosity from an early age and give him/her an environment where he/she can hack Microsoft’s server at age 14. Finding your kid too young to be taken to court; Microsoft will give him/her a job at its campus.

I’m not joking! It’s how these tech companies act in such cases.

Microsoft has just hired the kid who hacked them.

“Jake” (last name unknown) a 14 year old, from Dublin Ireland, broke into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2‘s servers to set up a phishing scam; something which made him nothing. But Microsoft unearthed the scam, finding that the teen is not part of some big hacker network; the tech giant decided to help Jake “develop his talent for legitimate purposes”. Which in other words means, “Train at Microsoft and get the job at Microsoft”.

Microsoft understands that, if the kid is that good at 14, how good he will be if he gets a proper training.

But to be frank such talents are quite rare. Although tech companies in every country sponsor such kids; Like a gifted kid named Ankit Fadia was trained by India’s Infosys; “hacking one’s way to glory” is not what everyone can achieve. Hence doing engineering and masters with one of the best colleges is a better route. --------

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