Indian Government to adhere to global benchmarks for cell phones radiation

Indian Government today assured that India would adhere to best global and scientific benchmarks while drafting the final guidelines for the telecom sector, regarding the health hazards due to radiations emitting from mobile phones and towers.

The government in August last year, had set up an inter- ministerial group (consisting experts from Department of Telecom, Ministry of Health, Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Environment and Forests and Indian Council of Medical Research) to evaluate the evidence, re-visit radiation guidelines for mobile towers and adopt guidelines for radiation emission by cell phones. The GOM had made it mandatory for cellphone manufacturers to declare the radiation level of each mobile handset on the packet itself.

Interestingly, for mobile towers, the group proposed that radiation norms should be one tenth of the existing ones (that is what a norm in other countries)- from f/200 watts per square meter to f/2000 watts per square meter.

Till March 31 this year, 5,88,645 out of 6,05,859 base stations had been self-certified.

The report is currently under the consideration of Department of Telecom.

Mobile phone radiation and that emanating from mobile phone towers that are littered at most places (even on residential apartments, schools and hospitals) in India have been an issue of debate from some time now. The Government assurance and timely action will go a long way in safeguarding public health; when one takes into account the recent WHO warning linking mobile phone radiation to brain cancer. --------

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