Just unveiled Apple iCloud may usher in a New Era

Apple enthusiasts may be disappointed with no iPhone announcement at Apple’s annual event; but the iCloud, Apple’s CEO launched during the annual Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) event; at least made the experts happy. For them iCloud could be game changer.

iCloud, the new service for all Apple devices will allow consumers to automatically and wirelessly store content in the cloud and push it to any device without them having to do anything. In simple, store all your content (Music, photos, phone contacts, calendars, mail, apps, books and documents) on Apple servers(cloud) for free and get it synchronized, updated for use on all your Apple products. Wonder here “all the synchronization and updating bit” rests on; Apple says it is integrated into apps; so that you don't even need to think about it-it all just works. This is Apple’s attempt to update all digital life of a user in the cloud instead of the device.

In Steve Job’s words, “Some people think the cloud is just a big disk in the sky... We think it's way more than that". Apple will eventually move all content of a user, into the cloud, informed Jobs.

Apple generally fascinates new and existing users with its devices and the user experience they deliver. With iCloud, Apple is stepping towards a mix, which is complete on its own – devices, applications for the devices to consume content; and cloud or Broadcasting network to store, synchronize and update content. A move that has the potential to prepare users cloud, whereby the user does not need to possess/manage all of the data locally. --------

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