Just5 special mobile phone for kids, elders and specials, ENTERS US

Just5 special mobile phone for kids, elders and specials, ENTERS US

Mobile phone market is evolving in all sense. While one direction of evolution is towards making them tech savvy as much as possible; other direction is enabling them for those users who are not that tech savvy; and who need a phone for special purposes only.

Cell phones manufactured by “Just5” are into the evolution of the second kind. The company which was first introduced in Europe, and is entering in America today; makes simple but reliable cell phones for seniors and non tech-savvy people – phones that can not only be used by seniors, people with poor eyesight or hearing problems, people with medical conditions that require constant care; but can also be given to kids with least fear of misuse, as a “starter phone” with basic functionality.

The fact that the cell phones are also equipped with Emergency SOS button that can be activated in case of emergency; makes them perfect for the target group. This feature is really useful. The phone allows saving of any five phone numbers for an emergency situation. Not to say, these five numbers can obviously include the police help line number. At the time of emergency, one single button press, sends a “help me” text to all these five numbers; and immediately starts dialing these five numbers one by one, increasing the probability of finding help. As soon as the phone finds connection on any of these numbers, it activates the loud phone speaker, to allow the person to talk hands free. The fact that, while dialing, the phone will sound a loud siren to attract the attention of others; makes the phone ideal phone for those for whom it’s meant. This becomes even more beneficial if one considers a situation in which the user faints just after pressing the emergency button.

To make the phones just right for the target users, Just5 mobile phones are designed keeping in mind five basic features:

1) Ease of operation
2) Big buttons
3) Amplified sound
4) A long-lasting battery for reliability
5) An emergency SOS button.

As ease of operation means keeping things simple; which will help the primary target audience like seniors, people with poor eyesight or hearing problems, people with medical conditions that require constant care, and kids who need a “starter phone” with basic functionality; Just5’s phones provide large buttons to simplify calling and texting; a digital display for more accurate dialing and texting; a high-volume speaker with amplified sound up to 100dB; a physical switch on the side of the phone to lock and unlock the keypad; an FM radio for convenient listening without a headset; and a handy flashlight and also a speaking keypad.

Plans and availability:

The plans begin at only $10 for 90 days. This makes for only $3.33 per month. There is no contract and no activation fee. The service is available through Jolt Mobile. A user can opt for prepaid system as well—that is put as much money as need minutes to talk. The phone itself costs about USD 90.

Plan Name__________Details__________Price

Just 10__________100 Minutes + 50 Text Messages__________$10
Just 20__________200 Minutes + 50 Text Messages__________$20
Just 30__________300 Minutes + 50 Text Messages__________$30
Unlimited__________Unlimited Talk & Text for 30 days__________$40

* All rate plans include the following features: International Direct Dial, Voicemail, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, International & Domestic SMS, Nationwide Long Distance, Three-way Calling.

Minutes purchased would be good for 90 days. If a user refills his/her balance any unused remaining minutes will roll over to the new 90-day period. Minutes will expire after 90 days unless refilled.

When a person activates Just me service, he/she may keep his/her existing cell phone number by moving it to his/her new Just5 service plan, this can take up to 3 days. In case of existing AT&T or T-MOBILE calling plan; the buyer just have to put in his/her SIM CARD IN THE JUST5 PHONE.


The just5 phone is a big success in European market. And one can hope it to be popular in US as well. The fact that, it addresses the needs of a target audience; like seniors, children, people with special needs; a demography who are often most cared and protected for; will make it a readily adopted phone. The pricing of the service will be its another attractive feature. --------

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