Kinect Star Wars: Release Date, Gameplay

In Kinect, the controller is you. And in Star Wars, the force goes with you. But what will happen if some brilliant folks will decide to fuse these two? Well, that can only be done by the combined powers of Microsoft Game Studios and LucasArts!

So what happens next is a “Kinect Star Wars”! Yes, this new game will be controlled by Kinect motion along with a story that will be based from, of course – Star Wars. The game will revolve around a Jedi who will have the ability to use the Force and fight with a lightsaber in an inter-galactic combat.

Aside from this, the game will also allow the player to use a wide range of full body motion controls. A player will also be able to join forces or play with friends on co-op, duel or competitive modes. The game will begin shortly after the Phantom Menace and will feature the planet Bespin from the Star Wars Episode V. The game’s arch nemesis, Darth Vader will also be making his notable appearance.

As for its availability, Kinect Star Wars will be made available for Kinect on Xbox 360 this holiday of 2011. Thus, you will surely be inspired to become a Jedi master and manipulate the force as you enjoy the game’s iconic characters and stunning visuals.


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