Lady Gaga To Launch Her Own Social Network - Backplane

Lady Gaga's new album, Born This Way was reportedly banned in Lebanon. But that is not going to stop the pop diva from starting her latest online venture : A social network named Backplane.  The pop superstar is using her creativity to build a social network that will be aimed to serve the unique needs of entertainers and other celebrities. The idea behind Backplane is that it will be a perfect mix of music, celebrity and technology.

Backplane reportedly has raised more than $1 million in venture funding led by Tomorrow Ventures, the venture firm which was founded by Eric Schmidt, Google's executive chairman. The Times reported that Lady Gaga owns 20 percent of the soon-to-be-launched social networking site.

Backplane will integrate updates from Facebook and Twitter as well as other social networking sites.  There's no doubt that Lady Gaga is a social-media superstar. She recently surpassed the 10 million-follower mark on Twitter, and about 35 million "like" her on Facebook, which is growing steadily. She also ranks number one on the Social 50, a new chart Billboard launched to rank how popular people are on social-media sites. The Social 50 includes Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Lady Gaga's latest album, Born This Way, debuted number one on the Billboard charts. She also has a new mobile game out called Born This Way Revenge released by Tapulous that sells for $4.99.  To top that, Zynga launched a homestead in FarmVille to honor Gaga earlier this month.


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