League of Legends: Unleashes its New Champions at E3

Great news! Riot Games has officially unveiled its 3 New League of Legends Champions at the recently held E3. These new champions will be known under the names of Skarner the Crystal Vanguard, Yorick the Grave Digger and Leona the Radiant Dawn.

And according to Riot, Skarner will be a member of highly intellectual yet brutal race and will have a built that is quite similar to a scorpion. Aside from this, Skarner will be an atrocious and vile character who will be packed with the ability to buff from his unique crystal form.

As for Yorick, he will be a bruiser with super close range combat skills. He will also be equipped with the ability to summon a horde of ghastly minions.

Leona, on the other hand, will be tasked to function as a protector. She will be equipped with a unique ability, of which, will be known as the Solar Flare. This skill will allow her to fight well at long range battles along with her innate skills for resilience and crowd control.

Aside from this, Riot Games has also announced that the popular online multiplayer will soon be packed with a full spectator mode. All of these new League of Legends updates will be rolled in the next few months or more.


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