Microsoft to announce Xbox 360 Live TV at 2011 E3

Great news for those who are currently hooked to their Xbox 360s! That’s because Microsoft has officially announced its new feature that will get you more addicted to your home entertainment and video game system.

This new feature will be called as Xbox Live TV, of which, will expand the console’s access to live television programming. Thus, from now on, Xbox 360 users will finally be able to experience their utmost entertainment thanks to Microsoft’s successful partnership with the world’s largest TV operators such as FOXTEL, Canal+ and UK’s Sky TV.

Aside from this, Microsoft has also announced that the new feature will also be able to bring more of our favorite local sports channels such as the world’s greatest mixed martial arts fighters at Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

On the other hand, Microsoft has not yet revealed its list of US-based partners. So better stick around for Microsoft might reveal something more at this week’s E3.


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