Microwave Radiations from mobile phone can cause cancer: warns WHO

According to a report, based on the study of 21 scientific studies from 14 countries worldwide, the microwave radiation emitted by mobiles disrupts the glucose levels in brain, which may stimulate formation of brain tumors.

Taking the findings of the report a cause of major concern for the health of people world-wide, a warning issued for the first time by the World Health Organization (WHO), says that the microwave radiations emitted through mobile phones might cause cancer. The UN health body has listed risks that were quite alarming since it affects the youngsters and children, the most.

Notably, another study last year claimed that just 30 minutes of mobile use a day for ten years will increase chances of glioma, a type of brain cancer that is fatal. More than a decade ago, In 1997, a study by Michael Repacholi at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in South Australia showed an increase in lymphoma in mice exposed to mobile phone radiation over a long term.

This study and those conducted prior, must be taken as something which encourages to distance us from our beloved mobile phones; and are definitely not meant to make us paranoid. The fact that most of these studies, public their findings much before waiting for their long term impact; makes them very limited. Another thing to look at, is the rate of incidence – what percentage of users get the disease as a result of the use – and the fact that most of the times this rate is insignificantly minuscule – makes such studies limited. In addition, parallel studies which bring to fore the possible benefits of using the same mobile phone, like one shared a few months ago, which claimed that “laboratory mice’ brain when exposed to long hours of microwave radiation emitted by mobiles, makes them less likely to develop Alzheimer’s in their old age” put a question mark to such studies; cautioning readers to become anything but paranoid about.

With more than 5 billion people using mobiles around the globe; it’s difficult to expect them to discard their mobiles overnight; but still; using the tiny wireless gadgets with a sense of no-love is always good. Keeping them pasted all day close to one’s ear; or close to one’s body can have other distraction related risks; like missing a stair step, banging the vehicle on to a tree, hitting some pedestrian etc.; if not some incurable cancer. If mobile phone is your life line try to think of ideas to minimize their usage and opt for alternative means. --------

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