Monster Galaxy: Moga List, Overview

Monster Galaxy is a Facebook game application developed by Gaia Interactive. This game features a fantasy role-playing world where a gamer can play the role of a Moga Tamer and build a team to tame a wide range of mogas or monsters.

The game’s main goal is to capture all moga monsters and become the best Moga Tamer is the Monster Galaxy world. Equipped with special zodiac attacks, each moga can battle with other mogas on different locations or maps. The loosing moga can only be captured when a tamer throws a Star Seed at the battle area. Each winning battle will reward a moga with bonus experience points to level up.

Monster Galaxy Moga

Below is a list of starter mogas. These are the mogas that a player can get at the start of the game. Some of which could not be obtained on any Monster Galaxy map.

Aquarius – Yugure, Ikki, Starpops
Pisces – Leviathan, Cathulu, Jag
Aries – Chiberus, Ibex, Mimple
Taurus – Booly, Peafyx, Tauron
Gemini – Tigon, Gogh, Blix
Cancer – Crabone, Skuzy, Pwee
Leo – Umbranine, Titus, Radiojack
Virgo – Meka, Turtlenie, Faust
Libra – Smok, Tutu, Lira
Scorpio – Sno, Pigloo, Nebugon
Sagitarius – Chuuchilla, Knightaur, Nightmare
Capricorn – Meh, Eefree, Yoake

Each moga are classified based on their rarity. The most powerful Moga is Black Gold, of which can only be fought once a Moga Tamer will complete all the quests given by the game’s lead NPC, Nova.


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