New Angry Birds Rio: Levels Goes Carnival Upheaval!

Great news for those who are waiting for new Angry Birds Rio levels for their iPhones and Android Pads! That’s because Rovio has officially launched the game’s latest version (v1.2.0) that’s going to be called as “Carnival Upheaval”.

This new Angry Birds Rio version will be packed with 15 new levels along with more trophies and achievements to catch. But that’s not all. It seems that a new Angry Bird will also be making its move at Carnival.

As for those who want to take their peek, the game’s gameplay trailer has already been uploaded by RovioMobile. The video features the game’s Carnival Episode with “a lot of monkeys” to de-stack. The clip’s right down below for you to watch.

The game’s pretty cool though, except for that moving background that could keep your eyes moving all way round. So if you want to get that latest version of Angry Birds Rio, it can already be purchased at the Apple App Store for a very pocket-friendly price of $0.99


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