Nintendo Wii 2 (Project Café): E3 2011 Updates

By now, we all know that Nintendo is currently planning to launch its most-awaited Project Café’ or most commonly known as the Nintendo Wii 2. Well, we’ve heard a lot of rumors already but this time, we’re taking a few more from an anonymous NeoGaf poster who claims to be an employee of ESRB.

The posts did discuss a lot about the console. In fact, it even revealed a long list of Nintendo Wii 2 games that could run at a faster frame rate on high resolution. But what’s more interesting about this leak is the fact that it revealed a bunch of probable specs that could be included in the said “Project Café”.

And from what we have heard, the console will most likely be equipped with a triple-core IBM processor, of which, will sport a dashing 3.6GHz speed rate per core. Aside from this, the leak has also noted that the Nintendo Wii 2 will be packed with an AMD R700 graphics along with a 1.5GB of RAM.

Moreover, the poster did state that the “Project Café” will be sporting a 1080p of high-def visuals. On the other hand, it has also been leaked that the console’s controller will most likely be equipped with a physical feedback touch screen that could simulate textures.

To date, not even one of these rumors have actually been confirmed. But we’re really hoping that on E3, Nintendo will finally spill the juice!


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Kawsar said...

@c_rake I just wish that they would give up on the Wii, and start with Project Cafe. But thats what I suspect that they do at E3.
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