Number of mobile Handset sales in India in 2011

India is likely to see sales of about 220 million or 22 crore mobile handsets in 2011, according to the latest estimates from global research group Gartner. Notably, India, one of the fastest growing handset markets in the world.

Gartner sees a huge growth in terms of mobile phone users in the coming months; with low end devices constituting the bear share.

Notably, around 175 million or 17.5 crore mobile handsets were sold in India last year. Hence the numbers for 2011 are 26 percent more compared to 2010.

According to Gartner, about 50.7 million or 5 crore mobile devices were sold in India in the first three months of 2011. If the same sales volume continues, although the second half of the year is expected to be more vibrant because of festive season; the hand sales surpassing 220 million or 22 crore seems achievable.

In the first three months of 2011, about 3 million or 30 lakh smartphones were sold in India; thus smartphones constituting 6 percent of the total handset sales. With new smartphones coming in Indian market; plus increasing awareness about smartphones among mobile users in India; smartphones will constitute much higher than what they accounted for in the first three months.

In the last one year competition has quite surged in Indian market, especially with rising number of local and Chinese brands. Local and Chinese brands alone account for over 50 per cent market share. There are more than 150 brands in the Indian market right now, reports Gartner.

What is favoring the local ad Chinese brands is their price competitiveness and value for money, adds gartner.

But if fought well, the Indian handset market has still much to offer to all players. According to latest TRAI figures there are currently 826.93 million or 82.69 crore mobile subscribers in the country. --------

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