Red Faction Armageddon: Release Date plus Pre-Order Specials

Excited for the upcoming launch of Red Faction Armageddon? Well, you should be. For the third-person shooter will soon be released on all major gaming stores!

That’s right! The fourth official title of the well-acclaimed Red Faction Series will finally be hitting on GameStop, Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon. And just like its original title, the game will still be offered to PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

It will be set on the planet Mars in the year 2170. The game will revolve around the character of Darius Mason. Red Faction Armageddon is currently being developed by Volition, Inc. and will be published under THQ.

Aside from this, it has also been told that a bunch of pre-order specials are now being offered by some of the game’s accredited retail stores. So when you decide to pre-order the game, you will get a bunch of bonus packs that you could not get on any other stores.

And speaking of which, GameStop is currently offering the game with a bonus Commando Pack that is equipped with a Plasma Thrower and Dual Laser Pistols. Meanwhile, Best Buy is also offering the game with a Recon Pack along with a limited edition Recon Uniform. Early Red Faction Armageddon buyers will also get a free T-shirt once they decide to pre-order the game at the official THQ Store.

Red Faction Armageddon will be released on Tuesday, that’s on the 7th of June. So better hurry, for you only have a few days more!


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