Rocksmith: Release Date, Better than Guitar Hero?

If you’ve been addicted to guitar games, then you’ll probably love this upcoming game from Ubisoft. The game will be called as “Rocksmith” and will definitely bring you to the next level of guitar game evolution.

Rocksmith will get you strumming your guitar strings for all day long! It’s not like any other guitar game that you know. Why? That’s because Rocksmith “will” let you play the game on a real guitar as you pluck on your all-time favorite songs. The game’s guitars will be created by Gibson.

Aside from this, Ubisoft has also announced that the game will allow its players to play new songs by memory and will therefore, challenge its players to step away from the on-screen notes. Some of the game’s pre-loaded songs will include the “High and Dry” from Radiohead as well as the “Vasoline” from Stone Temple Pilots.

Rocksmith has been set to hit on October 11. It will be made available to Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. As for those who can’t wait, the game is now available for pre-order at Amazon. You can purchase the game for 79.99 USD.


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