Samsung unveils Smart Refrigerator with LCD screen and with apps

If you like your refrigerator to be fully stocked all the time; and are in a habit of giving your humble refrigerator a piercing stare every now and then to discover areas in shelves where it starts losing ampleness; and instantly make calendar entries, post-it notes, or coupon reminders; to make it fulsome once again; then Samsung’s just unveiled smart refrigerator will save you from all the effort.

Interestingly this Samsung smart refrigerator is doing away with all those notes making; and instead bringing Apps to accomplish those very tasks. Yes, Samsung’s smart appliance is simply an LCD Refrigerator with Apps. And as the tag line says, “it organizes more than just your food.” It organizes your life.

The refrigerator is essentially a two-door refrigerator with a Wi-Fi-enabled LCD screen that comes preloaded with apps, including Google Calendar, to keep track of events; Epicurious, to find recipes; Pandora, for entertainment; Picasa Web Albums, for keeping photos ( no not the ones you put on your connected photo frame), AP News, in case you feel like reading the news on your refrigerator; and more; reports Vator News.

In short, the refrigerator; can make the list of items depleted; the quantity to be bought; suggest recipes’ based on what has been stocked inside; tell the owner the quantities of item inside by displaying photos on LCD screen without opening the refrigerator door; make entries in Google Calendar etc. on its own. If something is depleted, some app can even suggest the nearest store where the item is selling at discount. If apps are employed, then one can imagine, the smart refrigerator placing a home delivery order on its own too.

To get some star mummy power behind the unveiling event, Samsung started the event with actress, singer, and mother of four, Vanessa Williams; who may always have hungry kids heading for refrigerator all the time (in case they are old enough). The yummy mummy, although found the AP news app quite unnecessary; she found the refrigerator, quite useful, underlining that with smartphones all galore, a smart refrigerator has the ability to become the focal point for a busy family.

Samsung’s smart refrigerator is just a beginning for humble home appliances getting smart. Sooner nearly all other household appliances will become “smart” appliances.

Although Samsung’s smart refrigerator initiative is commendable: the possibility of such an appliance became inevitable once connected devices and cloud apps became a reality. So brace yourselves to see every indiscreet appliance in your house acquiring smartness.

The Samsung LCD Refrigerator with Apps is available in US at pan US retailers, including Lowe’s and Best Buy. The fancy four-door French Door model will cost $3,499.99 and the two-door side-by-side model $2,699.99. --------

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