STAR 1200: Augmented Reality Glasses

Vuzix has officially unveiled its newest model of Augmented Reality Glasses. This new model goes by the moniker of STAR 1200 and features an exceptional See-Thru Augmented Reality system.

Thus, with the STAR 1200 Augmented Reality Glasses, you will finally be able to view a world that has been overlaid with 2D or 3D graphics and feel like you have travelled to the year of 2041. Along with this, you will also be able to play your favorite games on a floating AR space.

Moreover, the new Vuzix Augmented Reality Glasses will be packed with two high resolution LCD displays. It will also be equipped with a 75 inch virtual screen along with a 60Hz of progressive scan update rate. It will also sport an On-Screen Display menu for audio and video controls.

Other specs and features of the STAR 1200 will include a pair of removable noise-isolating earphones, an adjustable nose bridge and a Vuzix SDK for free download. The said Augmented Reality Glasses will also sport its trendy sunglass look.

So if you would like to try one, the AR glasses will hit the market for 5000 Dollars this coming August. But you can already place your pre-order at the company’s online store. (See also, Wrap 920 Video Glasses at Amazon)


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