Star Wars: The Old Republic – Release Date for PC

A lot of us have undoubtedly been waiting for this new Star Wars game that will be titled as “The Old Republic”. Well, who wouldn’t? Especially when we get to know that this game will “soon” be released.

As for those who still haven’t heard, Atlus has officially announced its latest installment for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The new game will be called as Star Wars: The Old Republic, of which, can simply be coined as SWTOR.

Aside from this, it has also told that the game will be under the development of Bioware and will be running on the HeroEngine. It has also been reported that the Star Wars: The Old Republic will still be based on the fictional Star Wars universe and will be offered as a massively multiplayer online RPG.

The story of the game will be set in the time where the Jedi will be held responsible for the victory of the Sith. The game will also be packed with a wide range of playable species.

The official release date for this game has been set for the second half of this year. Its price has not yet been announced though but it has already been listed in Amazon (Windows Vista/XP) and will be made available for PC.


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