Super Pokemon Scramble: Release Date for 3DS

Nintendo has officially confirmed that a new Pokemon game will be coming to 3DS. The game will go by the title of “Super Pokemon Scramble” and will be the official sequel to Nintendo’s Pokemon Rumble.

And just like any other Pokemon games, Super Pokemon Scramble will allow its player to play the role of a Pokemon trainer. The trainer will then be tasked to collect a wide range of Pokemon monsters and grow their collection.

It has also been reported that the new Nintendo 3DS game will be packed with three new gaming modes. These modes will be called as Pokemon Collection Battle Challenge, Charge Battle and Battle Royale. Each mode will come with different mechanics that a player should follow. Other speculations are stating that the game will most likely be offered as a multiplayer and will be equipped with a trading mode.

The game’s set to hit in Japan on July 28. No word yet on US launch.


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