Tablet buyer wants ipad or something very similar

According to a survey by Bernstein Research, a tablet buyer wants Apple ipad or something very similar.

The survey found that when asked, which tablet they want? 50% of consumers said they want an iPad, and the rest want something that’s very similar to an iPad. Call it Apple effect, but respondents also gave an impression that ‘a device will be called a Tablet’ if it’s a display equals to that of Apple iPad. Which indirectly meant that the 7” tablet models recently launched, like the BlackBerry PlayBook, don’t stand well in the consumer perception. According to Mac Observer, it means that 7” tablets are destined for failure.

In addition, the survey found that in the US, Apple has more than double the brand appeal of BlackBerry, HTC, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung combined.

Below is an empirical view of consumer want in tablets, with above shared criteria somewhere lurking in the mind:

Apple____________50 percent
Dell_____________12 percent
RIM_____________9 percent
No Preference_____8 percent
Samsung_________7 percent
HP______________6 percent
HTC_____________4 percent
Nokia____________2 percent
Moto_____________2 percent --------

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