Teen Girl offers Herself for an iPhone4

We had often heard people hurting some person on road, for his pricey sneakers; But this latest report reveals what some people are putting themselves into for some latest and popular gadget.

A recent Korea Herald article describes a Chinese teen girl, posting a shocking proposition on Weibo (China's version of Twitter): buy her an iPhone 4 in exchange for her virginity.

Teen Girl offers herself for an iPhone4
Steve Jobs, "Simply Beautiful, Awesome!"

Describing further –as to why she is making such a shcocking proposition, the teen from Guangdong posted that it is her "dream to own an iPhone 4," but her "father won't let her get one."

Notably, the girl has even posted a picture of herself and some personal information too.

There’s also some speculation that rather than a real desperate attempt to lay hands on Apple’s iPhone4; the proposition can also be some malicious prank; where-in someone may have gotten access to the girl’s account and posted the ad.

Whatever be the real origin of the propostion, Weibo users are ensuring to let the sanity prevail and have left criticizing comments.

The proposition can be real or just some very malicious prank by someone bitter with the girl (a scenario very likely); but in this world of fast gratification; filled with luring gadgets, some young people do succumb to the lure. Like, when Apple iPad2 is launched in China recently, a teen in China reportedly sold his kidney for the tablet. --------

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