Toys inspired by characters of Social Game, animation movie, teen icon in ‘Hamley’s Top Ten Toys 2011’ List

Retailer Hamley has come out with its predictions for top toys in UK this Christmas. As some of the toys which the retailer thinks will be a hit this Christmas, are heavily into technology, hence, you are finding a write-up here.

Hamley's list of posible best-sellers in six month's time include a Justin Bieber singing doll, the collection of £20 Moshi Monster soft toys that giggle and speak when squeezed ( These soft toys are actually the characters from the phenomenally popular online game, Moshi Monstors).

Moshi Monstors, is an online game, by a British company, which allow children to collect and nurture online pets. According to the company, half of the children in Britain are at its website, nurturing an online pet.

Another toy which is going to sell like hot cakes is a toy car. A real avatar of the tenacious, smooth talking Finn Mcmissile in Disney Pixar's new animation Cars 2 ; this toy car named Loaded McMissile, speaks, fires rockets and barks orders. Just like Cars 2, Michael Caine has done all the speaking for this toy car too. Hamley has put the toy car at top of its ‘Hamley’s Top Ten Toys 2011’ List. Check out the video below:


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