Trials Evolution: Release Date Details

As we all know, the famous Xbox 360 has now been known more for its Kinect motion control. In fact, Microsoft has recently been focusing on releasing new games that will match with the said control. Thus, it is quite interesting to know that there is still a game that purely depends upon its innate gaming features such as this new Trials HD sequel that will be called as ‘Trials Evolution’.

As of now, we still don’t know the exact details of the game. But what we do know is that it won’t run with Kinect but still will make its dash at the Xbox Live Arcade. The game will be under the hands of RedLynx and will most like be released sometime this 2011.

Apart from this, we have also been told that it will have some nice support for multiplayer along with a thrill-filled four-person co-op play.

What do you think? Will the game still be a hit despite of its non-Kinect controls?



greeb said...

Im so excited about this game! Now i can look forward to saying goodbye to my spare time when im not getting murdered by dragons in Skyrim!
(would be nice to know a release date though!)

ilovecheese2 said...

this game will be huge without kinect. if they added kinect to this game i would murder myself. video games are meant to be played with a controller, i dont want to be the most active man alive cause i play video games. the fact that its not kinect makes me happy. if any game goes to kinect only you can garuntee i will not be buying it

Meecha said...

I admire your ability to make content for the sake of making money.

I tip my hat to you.

On a more relevant note, very eager to find out a release date for this game.
The question of it working with Kinect didn't really come into equation.

LilRaRa said...

you, apparently have NO idea what you are talking about. You read some news, write a couple of paragraphs around said news and spit it out hoping to get some hits. How is the Xbox 360 most known for it's Kinect and why would it be a surprise that a game could do well "despite" not using the Kinect? Of course it doesn't use kinect, it's not even close to that type of game. The Kinect is an addon to the xbox. I have one and rarely use it. Fun for the kid every now and then, but not a major component of the 360. Learn somethng about your subjects before you pretend to write about them.