Voltaic Systems launches an iPad case which doubles as a solar charger

New York-based Voltaic Systems have announced a new iPad case – which doubles as a case and a charger --enabling users to charge the iPad battery using solar energy any time. Called the Voltaic Spark Solar Charger for tablets, the case is a powerful and compact way to carry and charge an iPad. The charger works with other tablets as well.

The chargers have two 6-volt panels, and users can switch between 6 and 12 volt charging. The cells are also high-temperature Lithium Polymer, that is their charging capacity lasts longer even when exposed to very hot sunlight. And the battery is large enough to fully charge a smartphone two times.

Voltaic is also launching the Spark's internal battery as a standalone product. The V39 USB Battery provides backup power for iPads, other tablets, smartphones and cell phones.

Price: The case can be purchased for 210 euros (298 USD) and the battery for 69 euros (98 USD). There is a 2 Year warranty on bag or case and panels, 1 year warranty on battery. --------

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