World maps showing rapid Facebook expansion!

Facebook has phenomenal growth in the past couple of years.With each passing month Facebook has made its presence in new geographies of the world; and in most cases, toppled the top social network in those geographies in no time.

Italian PR and marketing talent Vincenzo Cosenza, who has worked at Microsoft Italy and has a degree in Economics, can prove this Facebook expansion and dominance better than us.

Cosenza has put together a series of maps over time revealing the dominant social network (number ONE) in every country. His maps clearly show a rapid progression in recent years of Facebook’s dominance. Something, which Cosenza considers no less than a war or at least an intense chess game.

Cosenza used traffic data from Alexa and Google Trends for Websites to show the most popular social networks by country, showing which networks are falling in popularity compared to other social networks; using primarily hi5 for parts of Asia and Latin America.

Explaining the Facebook expansion, Cosenza suspects that people in countries where Facebook originally dominated invited friends and families across immediate borders so Americans invited friends and family from Mexico and so on and so forth.

To clear any doubts Cosenza underlines that Facebook is not the exclusive expansion; although it is the top accelerating social network in the world.

Facebook expansion in recent past, glimpsed via Cosenza World maps (the footer of each map has a legend showing which colour represents which social network. A particular color represents the number one positon of respective social network in that region/country. Facebook is represented by Blue) (click on each map to Enlarge):


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