Xbox 720: To Show at E3 2012?!

There are some speculations stating that the next-generation of Xbox will soon take its part at next year’s E3 event. Apart from this, it has also been told that the new console could cost around $500 and that it will be packed with a more enhanced system for its Kinect control.

There are also speculations that the said Xbox 720 could be equipped with a larger storage that could boost up to 500GB. It will also have support for Gigabit Ethernet as well as a ready connection for Wireless access points. And of course, it will be offered with a higher resolution along with an integrated output for HDMI.

Well, as of now, these specs are still left to be confirmed. And we really can’t know more about the real facts unless Microsoft will officially give us its affirmation regarding the console’s rumored release on the year 2012.


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