Yahoo Launches Its Own "App Searching" App

If you are having some difficulty finding good apps for your smartphone then Yahoo's new app searching app might be of great help to you.   Yahoo recently launched new apps on the Android Market and Apple's App Store that allow users to quickly look for good apps.

Yahoo is using its own proprietary search algorithms and says the  results will be more personalized than the current options available in the market.

There are already various ways to search for apps like Google or any other search engine.

Regardless of that, Yahoo is determined that it brings value with its own method of searching for apps.  It does have an edge over others as it offers cross-platform searching. It can tell you faster if an app is available on both iOS and Android.

On top of that, Yahoo also offers a Web-based version of the new Yahoo app, so that you can compare the availability between Android and iPhone before you make your final decision.  Yahoo's app is Free and currently available for download.


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