Amazon announces Unlimited Storage for Cloud Player

Amazon has announced unlimited cloud storage for its music service in a bid to stay competitive with rivals, Apple and Google. The e-commerce giant has also rolled out a Cloud Player app for Apple's.

Like always, this unlimited cloud storage offer is "for a limited time", and is only for paying Amazon Cloud Drive customers. In addition, the offer doesn’t apply to non-music files (Even after the unlimited storage, there's a 20 GB limit for anything other than MP3 and AAC files). Bad news, when the USP of Amazon’s cloud storage was its ability to store non-music files up in the cloud.

But good news is, users can store any number of MP3 and AAC files on their accounts.

For those using the Free version of the Amazon cloud storage (Like us, you can create a free account for your ever increasing storage demands), Amazon will continue offering 5GB of free storage (MP3s bought from Amazon will also be stored but not counted in this limit).

A Bit about Amazon Cloud Player:

The Amazon Cloud Player is Amazon’s attempt to combine its vast music store (with 16 million songs, which compares well with the trove of Apple) with useful streaming and uploading/ downloading capabilities. The ACP gives a user the ability to play, upload, download and purchase music from any web browser. With the launch of an app for Apple’s iPad, the ACP has extended its lead further. --------

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