Asus Eee Slate B121 running Windows 7 Professional Launched: Targeted at Businesses

PC maker Asus may have launched the Eee Slate EP121 at CES at the beginning of this year. But with the ever growing insatiable appetite of the Tablet buyers, coupled with Apple leaving nothing much to others; the company has launched an update or Ausus Eee Slate, the B121, running Windows 7 Professional. The tablet is targeted at Businesses.

Mostly identical to the Eee Slate EP121, the Asus’ latest B121 tablet computer has the following specs:

1) Powered by an 1.33 GHz Intel Core i5-470UM dual-core processor
2) Has a 12.1 inch capacitve touchscreen at a 1280×800 pixel resolution
3) Comes with a pressure-sensitive digital pen for precise input
4) 4 GB of RAM
5) 64 GB SSD storage
6) SDHC slot to extend storage
7) Two USB ports
8) HDMI port
9) Wi-Fi b.g.n and Bluetooth 3.0

If you have noted, then the Eee Slate B121 is shipping with Windows 7 Professional; while the older Eee Slate EP121 runs on Windows 7 Home Premium The reason for going for Windows 7 Professional with the new tablet is to focus on businesses and professionals. The Windows 7 Professional is chosen for the enterprise and networking tools. The idea is to provide tools and environment which is considered mandatory for Business users for security and productivity reasons.

Availability: Initially the Eee Slate B121 will retails in Switzerland only. The company doesn’t reveal when the slate will be available in the US and other international markets. --------

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