BackType Acquired by Twitter

BackType, the company behind useful tools for Twitter users, focused on letting users their degree of engagement on Twitter and other social platforms, has been acquired by Twitter. On of the popular products of BackType, the BackTweets helped publishers understand the reach of their tweets and content (roughly equivalent to Back Links), who they are reaching, and how Tweets covert to web traffic, sales and other KPIs.

BackType is happy at being acquired by Twitter, as this will provide it the opportunity to bring insight to tens of millions of publishers around the world that are using Twitter to communicate and connect with their audience.

The company has definite plans to bring their technology (especially Storm) to Twitter where it can have a big impact across the company.

With the acquisition, the BackType team and technology will move to Twitter’s platform team.

Regarding BackTweets, the product will now be offered to current users for free. However, in the beginning, until the company fully gets accustomed with the new Twitter environment; they will not be accepting any new registrations for BackTweets, and will discontinue the BackType product and API services. --------

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