Breath Bird Twitter Client enables Users Tweet With Their Breath ONLY

TechFirm, a Japanese company, has launched a very special free Twitter client for the iPad.

The bilingual (English and Japanese) app, named “Breath Bird”, enables people who can’t use their fingers and have problems speaking, post to Twitter by breathing into the iPad’s mic. Isn’t amazing?

How the app works:

When a user launches the app, his/her automatically refreshing timeline appears on the left hand side bar of the screen. The rest of the page is occupied by an on-screen keyboard with all characters from a-z, split into five rows and ‘make a tweet field.

The working of the app is simple, Breath Bird starts highlighting each row, one after the other, from top to bottom, as soon as it’s launched. The user just has to see whether, the highlighted line, has the alphabet he/she wants to type. If the row has the character, the user wants to use, he/she simply has to breathe into the mic. This highlights, one by one, all the characters in that particular row.

When the app highlights the character the user wants to use, he has to breathe into the mic again. The character is typed in the ‘make a tweet field’.

The user has to repeat this two step procedure to type entire words and sentences that can be posted to twitter in the same way.

A person who doesn’t face the problems the app intends to provide the solution; can’t imagine the usefulness of the app. It’s much like, a person with sight will find reading braille with closed eyes cumbersome. --------

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