Buy some Good Digitally delivered products for ONE VirtaPay CENT

Virtapay which previously called, calls itself an online money payment service, currently at its pre-launch stage. This pre launch service is on web for more than a year now. During this time they have made close to a million users, which they reward every day with Virtapay's own closed currency, at the time of joining and for logging in to the site every day. VirtaPay puts $100 Virtapay currency in the person's Virtapay a/c at the time of joining. If a user logs in everyday, his/her Virtapay account gets around $20 (not USD, but services's own currency) added to his/her account. Virtapay, currently allows its users to use this currency, for two things -- To send to other virtapay users and to buy digitally delivered products/services, listed on Virtapay's Digital Delivery Marketplace.

Recently, VirtaPay has rolled out Facebook integration too; which makes a user to login to Virtapay account using Facebook.

When the service will be launched (in one or Two months from now), Virtapay, will give value to its currency, by deciding at what rate the Virtapay dollars will convert to real USD dollars, so that VirtaPay users can use their Virtapay currency accumulated in their accounts, just like Paypal, AlertPay or credit cards.

==> To be honest, I joined this service, at the earliest, and was quite skeptical about it for a long time, until Virtapay started the Digital Delivery MarketPlace. DDM has lessened the sckeptism to a great extent. The reason is: I managed to stumble upon some really good products like e-books, pro-accounts of useful services , and discounts on certain products in the marketplace. And Good thing is I'm allowed to buy the stuff from my VirtaPay currency, without spending any real dollars. By devoting some time, I saved some real money.

Last weekend VirtaPay rolled out a even more exciting feature. It has divided the marketplace into Starter Items and Established Items. All products enter the Starter Items in the beginning and remain there until there are 50 sales. Once the product has made 50 sales and is rated well by buyers; it is shifted to the Established Products Page. And the great thing is, all products sell for 1 Cent only; until they shift to the established products page. Once on Established List, the product sells at its real value. In short, if one searches effectively, one can buy a good product for just One VirtaPay Cent, at Starter List, before it gets shifted to the Established Page.

I managed to buy some good products for 1 VirtaPay Cent, by going through non-established products listed under Starter items. You can find some good product too by opening a VirtaPay account, just keep in mind a few things, before you pay even one Virtapay Cent:

1) As Starter Items are not established, that's why they are having a 1 cent cap, make it a habit to ignore those items which claim to convert your Virtpay currency to real money. As Virtapay currency has no real value outside VirtaPay' only a fool will give you real money for your VirtPay dollars. Such items are fake.

2) Before making payment, make sure the product, like an e-book is not being offered for free elsewhere on the web. Obviously, if you can get it for free, then why spend even a single virtual cent. --------

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