California man gets +4 years jail for Facebook Stalking, cyber offenses

A California, USA, man who searched women’s Facebook pages for clues that allowed him to get access to their e-mail accounts was sentenced to more than four years in state prison. Rejecting the defense’s argument that the man is nothing more than a peeping Tom; and hence a plea for a lighter sentence; the judge ordered George Bronk, 23, more than four years of imprisonment.

The court found George guilty of taking over women’s e-mail accounts, search email folders for nude or seminude photographs or videos sent to their husbands or boyfriends and distributed the images to their contact list.

By his actions the accused victimized women in 17 states in US, the District of Columbia, and England. The accused reportedly, started stalking women on Facebook in December 2009 and continued till November 2010.

Earlier in January, Bronk pleaded guilty to charges that included computer intrusion, false impersonation, and possession of child pornography.

For all his offences, that included the charges related to the Facebook and e-mail offenses, and for charges related to child pornography, Bronk has to cool his heels in prison in excess of four years. --------

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