Can a Monkey own a copyright?

Now this is interesting.

David Slater, a nature photographer, went to Indonesia to photograph monkeys. He searched for a photogenic monkey, and found one. But when he tried to take the photograph of the monkey; it took the camera from the photographer's hand and took a self photograph of itself.

Now, the photographer was extremely delighted with the photograph, even when he hadn't clicked it; until, he found himself debating copyright law with a tech blog, Tech Dirt.

When this blog posted the said photo on its blog; the news agency for which Slater works, ordered the blog to remove the photo immediately; as the blog didn't own the copyright for the photo. To this, the blog replied that, if it doesn't own the copyright; nor does the agency -- As a photograph copyright belongs to the person, who clicks the photo, and not the one who owns the camera or hires someone to carry the camera to the location (the photographer was reduced to one such person in the events leading to the said photo).

In short, the tech blog argued that, as it was the monkey who clicked the photo, if copyright can belong, then it should belong to the monkey!

But monkeys or animals don't own a copyright.

Who owns the copyright, in this case then? --------

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