Engineering Student in India arrested for hacking music website and making pirated CDs

For those who want to justify piracy in Music, movies and software in India with a reasoning that it feeds many poors in one of the poorest countries in the world; then the recent arrest of an engineering student in Rajkot, Gujarat (a western province of India) should make them think again.

An engineering student in Rajkot was arrested by Mumbai police(Police of the neighboring province of Maharashtra) on charges of hacking a Mumbai-based music company’s website. Preliminary investigations revealed that Kalpesh Patel, 22, a native of Jamnagar and studying in the final year at an Engineering college at Rajkot, hacked the website of a music company and made pirated CDs of songs and films.

Now the arrest of this engineering student, doesn't really point that he did so to feed himself. That apart, if he had hacked the website to test his skills; then probably he would have stopped at hacking itself and also informing the website of the security hole. But creating pirated copies points to the question of morality. But Patel shouldn't be blamed entirely, Indian education seldom teaches students this important Life skill, nor do most parents.

Sharp brains and parents should think over this (morality question). --------

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