Global smartphone vendor market standings, Apple dethrones Nokia

According to companies, which track mobile phone sales, Apple has become the world’s number one smartphone vendor.

Interestingly, Apple’s last week Q3 earnings report said that Apple sold nearly 20.24 million iPhones last quarter, up 142% from the same quarter last year; and since then the world was whispering that Apple has dethroned Nokia as the world’s number one smartphone vendor.

Now, the numbers from the mobile phone sales tracking firms are putting a stamp of approval on , Apple indeed dethroning Nokia to become the world’s biggest smartphone vendor.

According to Market research firm, IDC’s report, Apple has become the world's No. 4 manufacturer of all mobile phones -- smart and basic. The top three positions are occupied by Nokia, Samsung and LG.

According to Strategy Analytics, another market research firm, Apple had, for the first time, overtaken Nokia in the worldwide market for smartphones. Adding that Samsung, whose smartphone sales grew 520%, is gaining fast and can dethrone Apple very soon.

Here is what the Global smartphone vendor market standings look line (based on the market share each player commands):

Apple___________18.5 percent
Nokia___________ 15.2 percent
Samsung___________ 17.5 percent
Others___________ 48.9 percent --------

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