Gmail has World’s Highest penetration in India, a whopping 62%

According to the new data from comScore, Gmail has a whopping 62 percent market penetration in India. This in simple means that, all those Indians who have an email address in India, 62 percent of them have a Gmail account.

According to some reports, Gmail is growing at 16 percent in India over the past year.

This high Gmail reach in the country, is reflected in the initial rise of Google+ as well.

India is ranking only second to the US in terms of users on the new platform, reports tech blog Penn-Olson.

According to ComScore data, accessible to Penn-Olsen, India is number one, World’s Highest By Far, in Gmail penetration, distantly followed by Brazil, where there is 40 percent market penetration. Third and forth are Chile and Vietnam respectively, which stand at 38 and 36 percent respectively.

Google products are normally received well by Indians, who were quite a fan of Orkut until July 2010, when Facebook surpassed Orkut to become India’s biggest social network. --------

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