Google AdWords card for S&ME launched in US

To help small and medium sized businesses that advertise on Google but often don't have the funds to support a heavy ad campaign ahead of a big sales season, such as holidays; Google has launched an AdWords Business credit card for enterprise users.
The card is also being seen as the Search Giant’s attempt to maintain sales in the face of competition from rivals such as Yahoo and Microsoft.

The new credit card will only be used to buy search ads from the tech giant. Purchases made from the card will be charged an interest rate of 8.99% (which is great, when one considers that, the average APR or annual percentage rates on US business cards stands at 12.91%, according to

Google is currently beta testing the card with a small group of US advertisers – who got the invitation to join the scheme by email.

How important to Google is Search Revenue:

Google reported revenues of US$29.3bn for 2010. Around 96% of this total was derived from search advertising. In the latest quarterly earnings reported, Google reported a total Revenue of $9.03 billion; Google owned websites generated revenues of $6.23 billion (69% of total revenues). Partners, via AdSense, generated revenues of $2.48 billion (28% of total revenues). That apart, nearly half of Google’s revenues came from US.

According to latest figures from comScore, Google controls around two-thirds of the US search market.

Notably, Google is trying to attract, Small and Medium enterprises in developing countries like India,with free Adwords advertising, in recent months. --------

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