Google News Badges launched in US

Google+ is received extremely well by the world. In the first two weeks of its launch the latest social network by Google, Google Plus got 10 Million (or 1 crore) users. Buoyed by this initial response, after several failed attempts to launch a social networking service in the past, Google is planning to bring some reward to the users of its another service, the Google News.

According to reports, Regular users of Google News can now earn badges from reading about their favourite topics. Mimicking the Foursquare, the location sharing service, which allows people to earn points and badges for repeat check-ins to different places, Google plans to reward the Google News users in the US earn different ‘pins’.

A Google news user in US will receive a badge for reading news. Initially he/she will be given a Bronze batch, which will convert into Silver, Gold, Platinum and all the way up to the Ultimate, depending on the user’s news consumption. The badge, in simple is a measure of a user’s News consumption ability. Those who are found to be reading more news, will automatically transition to a higher badge, informs Google News team.

Badges are private by default but can be turned on to public so that people can talk to others about their interests. To start earning a badge, a user will have to sign in or sign up to a Google web account, enable web history and finally visit this page.

There are more than 500 badges available to suit all types of interests or categories.

There’s not word on whne the Google News badges will be launched outside US. --------

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