Google Photovine app for Apple's iPhone launched Quietly

Amidst all the buzz of Google+, Google quietly launched a new photo-sharing app called Photovine for the Apple iPhone, this week. Many are seeing the new iPhone app as yet another networking effort by search giant.

What the app offers:

Allows users to take a photo from their phone and share it to friends in the app, remieniscent of the popular app Instagram. But improving on the Instagram offering, in Google’s Photovine, photos can be shared into a pool of other pictures centering around user-created topics called, what else but the "vines".

The teaser video of the app highlighst the same feature. The PhotoVine users can create ‘vines of photos’ of different names. In the teaser video the user is shown creating a vine called "warm and fuzzy" around the photo of her Pomeranian puppy. Soon others using the app, are seen adoring the cute dog photo and share their own take on the warm and fuzzy theme.

Photovine which hit the Apple's App Store two days ago, is still to have an android version of it on android market. That apart, interestingly, there’s no Google branding of Logo in the teaser video itself. The app is also submitted by Slide (and not Google), a property of Google, on the App Store.

Availability: PhotoVine is currently in an invitation-only testing mode. This tactic may be more than Google’s tradition of launching new services in invitation only mode, as it followed in Google+ as well. The invitation-only tactic means that not all iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad owners can download the Photovine app yet; and will be recommended by those who are active on both Google and Apple properties and devices. Google will send the link to loyal Google users, active on Apple properties as well.

For those who can’t wait to be invited, the "Photovine Team" places potential users on a wait list.

There’s no word on when Google will be making the app public or will be available on Android.

But as for now, the waiting List email informs that – “PhotoVine Team will be slowly rolling-out invites starting later this month". --------

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